The first release in 2011 from UHRecordings is a dramatic and virtuosic new set of physics-inspired compositions by Edward Cowie Rutherford’s Lights. Commissioned by the Institute of Physics, and performed by British pianist Richard Casey.

From Venue Magazine:A lifelong fascination with the theory of light and colour, from Newton to Ernest Rutherford, has inspired this new work by renowned composer, painter and natural scientist, Edward Cowie. This epic piece for solo piano pulsates and shimmers as the musical sounds reflect, dissolve, wave and bend, but, above all, connect theories of light with manifestations in the natural world: limpid reflections in water; the shatter of light and colour in falls and water-courses; the iridescence of butterfly wing-scales; rainbow-effects; the dazzle of sea-spray and the complex bending and angular deflection of beams of light.

The development of the ideas for ‘Rutherford’s Lights’ was aided by a close working collaboration with physicist Sir Michael Berry and expressed through a fascinating series of ‘drawings on music’ by Edward Cowie which test and experiment with the properties of light. This huge sonic journey (‘music to imagine to’ as Edward Cowie likes to describe it) is performed by award winning pianist Richard Casey, a founder member of contemporary music group Psappha and an artist recently invited by Pierre Boulez to perform with him in Carnegie Hall, New York.